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John T. Rettaliata, president of the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) for 21 years and member of Dwight D. Eisenhower's National Aeronautics and Space Council, the predecessor to NASA, died on Saturday at the age of 97. Rettaliata became president of IIT in 1952 at the age of 40 -- the youngest IIT president to date and, at the time, the youngest chief executive of a scientific school in the United States. During his twenty-one-year tenure, he initiated an ambitious fundraising effort that secured a $20 million annual budget, saw the main campus built, added the Chicago-Kent College of Law, founded the Stuart Graduate School of Business and lead IIT to become the largest and one of the most prominent engineering schools in the United States. While architect Mies van der Rohe's design of the main campus made it the historical landmark that it is today, Rettalia... (more)

The Story of Oskar Schindler

Oskar Schindler "He who saves a single soul , saves the world entire"  The Jewish Inscription on Schindler’s ring given to him by the Jews at Brunnlitz.          Oskar Schindler Oskar Schindler was born on 28 April 1908 in Svitavy, a Moravian industrial town, which was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Many ethnic Germans lived in Svitavy, and the surrounding area, the Sudetenland.   Oscar’s parents Johann Schindler and Francisca nee Luser were both Germans from Silesia, who had settled in Svitavy, where he worked in insurance, and the selling of electrical generators for domestic purposes, and dealing with farm machinery.   A sister Elfriede was born in 1915 - Oskar was very close to her, as was his relationship with his mother. After leaving full time education, Schindler worked in the family business in Svitavy, after a short break he commuted to Brn... (more)

The Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich

Holocaust Research Project on Ulitzer Reinhard Heydrich Reichsprotektor of Bohemia and Moravia On the twenty-ninth of May, 1942, Radio Prague announced that Reinhard Heydrich, Reichsprotektor of Bohemia and Moravia, lay dying at the Bulovka hospital in Prague from wounds sustained in a daring ambush by Czech partisans as his car passed through the city outskirts at Holesovice, on the Rude Armady VII Kobylisky not far from the Vltava river. The assassins attempted to kill Heydrich with automatic weapons but experienced a malfunction so a grenade was then tossed at the car by one of the Czechs. The resulting explosion caused sever damage to the right rear wing of the Mercedes, puncturing the tire and blowing a large hole in the bodywork. The attackers then fled and, Heydrich attempted to shoot at the escaping assassins but his weapon also misfired. He then staggered ... (more)

Arrival to the Sobibor Death Camp!

Jules Schelvis   Recounts his Journey and Arrival at to Sobibor Death Camp Recounts his Journey and Arrival at to Sobibor Death Camp          Jules Schelvis & his wife Rachel in 1941 Jules Schelvis, his wife Rachel, whom he married on the 18 December 1941, were deported from Westerbork, transit camp in Holland to the Sobibor death camp in Poland on the 1st June 1943. Rachel’s family included as the head of the family, her father David Borzykowski who was born in Janow, Poland on the 13 February 1892 and the family home was at Nieuwe Kerkstraat 103, Amsterdam. Her mother Gitla was born in Czestochowa, Poland in 1895.   Other family members Chaja Stodel- Borzykowski who was born in Amsterdam 1921, Rachel Schelvs – Borzykowski, born on the 2 March 1923 and Herman Borzykowski who was born in Amsterdam in 1927. Only Jules Schelvis, survived, his wife and his wife’s ... (more)

Images of the National Socialist German Workers Party

NSDAP Images www. Holocaust Research Project         [Next] [Last]   1922 NSDAP Delegation in Coburg 800 X 512 92 KB 1934 NSDAP rally in Nuremberg 433 X 599 95 KB A truck of the fascist Nazi party drives through the Prenzlauer Promenade in Berlin - Pankow. 800 X 544 95 KB Action Reinhard killer Willi Mentz's NSDAP card 700 X 441 83 KB Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels with Nazi Party officials in 1926 640 X 440 73 KB Adolf Hitler and other dignitaries at the opening of the Nazi Party museum in the Sterneckerbraeuhaus the Party's first headquarters 706 X 450 63 KB Adolf Hitler casts his vote at a Berlin polling station set up in a schoolroom. (March 1933) 640 X 443 46 KB Adolf Hitler leads an SA unit in a Nazi Party parade in Weimar, 1931. 640 X 393 60 KB Adolf Hitler NSDAP Party Leader 480 X 685 67 KB Adolf Hitler poses with members of his new government soon after his appoin... (more)

Thomas Blatt takes on Karl Frenzel

New Page 1 Sobibor survivor Thomas Tovi Blatt confronts Death Camp Commandant Karl Frenzel (forced labour section) in 1983 Thomas Tovi Blatt (left) and Karl Frenzel meet in a hotel room in Hagen Germany in 1983 Thomas Blatt: Here you are drinking beer. With that smile on your face you could be anybody’s neighbour, anybody’s fellow sporting club member. But you are not anybody. You are Karl Frenzel, the SS commandant. You ranked third in the chain of command at the extermination camp of Sobibor. You were the commandant of Lager 1. Do you remember me?   Karl Frenzel: Not exactly you were a small boy then   Thomas Blatt: I was fifteen years old. I survived because you made me your shoeshine boy. Besides me nobody survived; not my father, not my mother, not my brother, none of the two thousand Jews from my town, Izbica.   Karl Frenzel: That was terrible, just terrible... (more)

'Chinese Chess': Thrilling Tale of Nuclear Attack on American Soil Reveals Age-old Game of Strategy in which the Battle Pits Good Against Evil

UNIONVILLE, Ontario, May 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Born in 1947, a few years after the end of World War II, author Joseph Pilarski's early memories were of growing up in post-Holocaust Poland. Exposed to many post war documentaries, including actual footage shot by the Nazis in the concentration camps, Pilarski spent many years wondering how and why evil is able to dominate the human existence and why people often seem powerless to stop it. "Chinese Chess: A Novel Threat to America" (published by iUniverse), is part of Pilarski's effort to come to terms with this issue. "I wrote 'Chinese Chess' to further contemplate a nuclear attack on American soil," explains Pilarski, who immigrated to Canada in 1963 at the age of sixteen. "I chose to call the book 'Chinese Chess' after the popular game of strategy that represents a fierce battle between two enemies. In the book, the ... (more)

Fear of the Dark

As I'm pathologically fond of pointing out - I'm a child of a bygone era. Oh, I'm not old enough to remember the time before Sputnik, light bulbs, or the coagulation of the planets from protostellar dust clouds, but I surely do remember GI Joe at 45 caliber, Ray Stevens at 45 RPM, and factory-rolled cigarettes at 45¢ a pack sold to anxious minors desperate to rebel (just like everyone else). It seems ironic to me that this column - gilding the edge of JDJ's ultramodern fabric - deals mostly with dusty memories of my vanished youth. On the other hand, I've heard that I should "write about what I know," so my options are extremely limited. Extremely. I mean, how many cab-driving stories can a person take? (Many would say that one is already too many.) I suppose I could repeatedly spew the first 50 digits of pi - which I happened to memorize as a teenaged proto-geek - ... (more)

Our New World

Our world has been changed. We have been changed. Emblazoned in our collective consciousness are indelible, fresh images of unspeakable carnage. We will carry these images with us - shaped in psychic scar tissue - for the rest of our lives. For some of us, September 11 will mark the date we lost an acquaintance, a colleague, or a loved one. For many of us, especially our children, it will mark the date we lost a certain degree of innocence. For all of us, it will mark a dark milestone on the landscape of our memories. My 11-year-old son came home from school that Tuesday with an unsettling bloodlust in his eyes. He had seen the events unfold and was having a purely visceral reaction. Decorum prevents me from recounting all his suggestions for acts of retaliation, but suffice it to say that the U.S. position as a nuclear superpower figured prominently among them. I ... (more)

Holocaust Research Project Launches Education Topic on Ulitzer

Holocaust Research Project Launches Education Topic on Ulitzer. The aim of H.E.A.R.T is to inform and educate people about the Holocaust and the extermination programs conducted by the Nazi regime throughout Europe during the Second World War. H.E.A.R.T research and material is contributed from a group of independent Holocaust researchers who devote their spare time to research for the production of this website and other forms of related publications, such as leaflets and books. H.E.A.R.T is run by its trustees and directors, who manage the daily administration of the website, review all research materials, fact checking, and addressing any required corrections. Most materials presented on the H.E.A.R.T website originate in Poland, Germany, the former Soviet Union, and the United Kingdom as well as from private sources in the USA and other countries. H.E.A.R.T cu... (more)

IBM Ordered Tried for Nazi Complicity

It's almost 60 years since the end of World War II and half the people now alive are only dimly aware that it was even fought, let alone who won, but IBM may finally have to answer for its actions under the Nazis in court. It has been alleged since 2001 on the strength of a book called IBM and the Holocaust that IBM's punch card machines were instrumental in helping the Nazi death squads process their victims and send them to the concentration camps more efficiently. In response, IBM has claimed that its European operations were confiscated by the Nazis and out of its control. Historians, however, have dredged up documents suggesting the company was actively complicit with the SS. Now a Geneva appeals court has cleared the way for representatives of the Gypsies, who the Nazis decimated in the camps, to sue IBM for "moral reparations." Geneva is allegedly where IBM ... (more)